Brief Information about the March 99 CSIG Meeting

How to create and use Dynamic Link Libraries

by James Carr

Integrated Development

Welcome to the C++ Users Group for February 1999. For this month we will have a special guest speaker, James Carr. The presentation will be a walk-thru showing DLL programming.

DLL Blurb:

A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a Windows executable file that contains functions that are called from a parent program (EXE) and linked dynamicly, that is, at 'run time'. Functions contained in conventional .OBJ libraries must be linked to a parent program at 'compile time'.

The functions of a single DLL may be utilized, simultaneously, by multiple EXEs. The benefits of sharing functionality through DLLs becomes more apparrent as the complexity of the system increases.

For the purposes of this month's C User's meeting, we'll keep it simple.

We'll use the Visual C++ development environment to create a DLL with trivial functionality. Then we'll create an EXE that will call and link to the DLL at run time. We'll focus on the 'how to' of DLLs, with attention to calling conventions and the basic software mechanics. By keeping the functionality minimal, we'll be able to walk through the DLL development process from soup to nuts.

"Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night.


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