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Brief Information about the April 97 CSIG Meeting .

C User Group summary for April 97

by Ron Murawski

The April 15 meeting began with some discussion about the upcoming Trenton Computer Fest. Bruce Arnold pointed out talks that would be of interest to programmers. Since the club computer was on-line, we checked out the TCF site and noticed Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++, would give an unpublicized talk about C++ native styles.

John Raff, our resident Internet guru as well as C programmer, recommended DJGPP, the free 32-bit UNIX Gnu C++ compiler that has been ported to DOS by D J Delorie. You can find the files at any simtelnet site in the directory: simtelnet/gnu/djgpp/v2/. John did some Internet searching for RSXNT, which is a recently developed Windows 95/NT-hosted IDE for DJGPP development. The file to download is called rsxntdj1.zip in directory simtelnet/gnu/djgpp/v2tk/. We then moved on to the brokersys.com site, official home of Bob Stout's Snippets collection. Snippets is a collection of public domain C and C++ code that can simplify a wide range of everyday programming tasks. You can download the entire collection in a just-under 1MB Zip file.

Snippets served as the springboard to launch the main presentation by Ron Winter. Ron had been asked if he could tell what day of the week a particular date fell on. Ron showed some rather incomprehensible date code he had found on a C Users Group Library CD from Volume #153. He also showed a Julian date number program from the Snippets collection. Using both of these as reference Ron built a day-of-week program. The program is called WHAT_DAY. Unlike most day-of-week programs, this one can delve into the far future. The last date for which an accurate day-of-week is possible is January 18 11,759,221. The nicest touch of all is the program's ability to print out a screenful of future dates for the C User Group meetings, which are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

At the conclusion, the source code was uploaded to the ACGNJ ftp site. See SOURCE CODE links below.

"Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night.


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