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Brief Information about the March 97 CSIG Meeting .

Windows Screen Saver

The Tuesday night (3rd Tuesday) meeting will feature the a discussion on Windows Screen Saver programs. Code will be discussed and handed out for a 400 line saver written in C++ for the Generic Windows API. The program may be compiled under Borland, Microsoft, etc. compilers. The "basic level" section of the meeting will discuss a 1 page program using a custom C++ class.

Java J++ Version 1.00 Professional - Free Software

Through the generosity of Microsoft I have received several dozen copies of "Microsoft Java J++ Version 1.00 Professional " for distribution to ACGNJ members in the C++ User Group, the Java Study Group, etc. This WIN95 and WINNT development package consists of 50 Megs of tools and information on a CD. Also included is a 350 page book: "Learn Java Now" by Stephen Davis. I plan to distribute the software at the next C++ meeting, Tuesday. (Note: We will have applications available for any non-members who wish to join the club.)

"Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night.


Source Code Files

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