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Brief Information about the July 96 CSIG Meeting

Serial Communication Using Windows Application Programming Interface

// HAYES.C      B.ARNOLD        03-12-1995
//      NOTE:    This is a Windows (tm) version of the program presented at
//               the Feb, 95 meeting of the ACGNJ also called 'hayes.c'.
//      OBJECT:  to read the status registers in a HAYES COMPATIBLE modem and
//               and show their meanings and values.
//               Characters typed will be sent to the modem.  Likewise,
//               characters received will be sent to the screen.
//               The command 'AT&V' will is sent to the modem to display
//               the internal modem settings.  A memu item will initiate
//               the deciphering of the codes which will then be displayed
//               in a scrollable window.  Compiler: Borland C++, large model.

#define ABOUT_MSG       "Hayes Utility Program\n"\
                        "      Version 1.02\n"\
                        "             by   \n"\
                        "      Bruce Arnold\n"\
                        "        March 1995"
#define HEADING         "Hayes Modem Utility"

#define  STRICT
#include <windows.h>
#pragma hdrstop                         // turn off pre-compiled headers
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <windowsx.h>
#include "atinfo.h"

Sample Output


ACTIVE PROFILE:            DTE:1200       DCE:14400     PARITY:NONE
B16 B1 E1 L2 M1 N1 P Q0 V1 W0 X4 Y0 &A0 &B1 &C1 &D2 &G0 &J0 &K3 &L0 &Q5 &R0 &S0
&T4 &U0 &X0 &Y0
S00:000 S01:000 S02:043 S03:013 S04:010 S05:008 S06:002 S07:050 S08:002 S09:006
S10:014 S11:095 S12:050 S18:000 S25:005 S26:001 S30:000 S36:007 S37:000 S38:020
S43:000 S46:002 S48:007 S49:064 S50:220 S63:009 S82:128 S86:000 S95:000 S97:030
S108:001 S109:062 S110:002 S118:001 S119:001 S136:001
        at&v = View Stored Profiles & Phone Numbers                            
      ACTIVE =                                                                 
    PROFILE: =                                                                 
    DTE:1200 = Computer to Modem Connection                                    
   DCE:14400 = Modem to Modem Connection                                       
 PARITY:NONE =                                                                 
         B16 = BELL 103 @ 300 baud                                             
          B1 = BELL 212A @ 1200 baud                                           
          E1 = Command Echo On                                                 
          L2 = Speaker Volume - medium                                         
          M1 = Speaker On until Carrier Detect                                 
          N1 = Orig & Answer Interwork from S37                                
           P = Pulse Dial                                                      
          Q0 = Return Result Codes                                             
          V1 = Results as Words                                                
          W0 = No Negotiation Progress Messages                                
          X4 = Basic Result Codes + Cnct Spd + Dialtone + tone & Busy          
          Y0 = Ignore Long Space                                               
         &A0 = Answer in Answer Mode                                           
         &B1 = Enable V.32 Auto-retrain                                        
         &C1 = Track Carrier Detect                                            
         &D2 = Track DTR, Hangup if Off                                        
         &G0 = Disable Guard tones - US                                        

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