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Enjoy the summer. The next 2014 CSIG Meeting will be September 16th.

3rd Tuesday of the month. 7:30PM - C/C++ Group, SPRS

Welcome to the C++ Users Group. This group is a "Special Interest Group" of the ACGNJ devoted to discussing programming languages in general and C, C++, and C++ for Windows programming in particular. Each month a small but hopefully useful program (complete with source code) is presented for discussion.

For those present at the June meeting, I uploaded a corrected and improved version of "Fsearch".  Check it out by downloading from the source files (Csig1407.zip)

Beach at Ogunquit, Maine (Low Tide)

Ogunquit, Maine

In September, "Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night. See you there.


Source Code Files

For help, email me at b a r n o l d @ i e e e . o r g
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