Brief Information about the Jan '07 CSIG Meeting

Clip1.1 - a Deluxe Print Screen Utility

C++ Version 7 and Visual Studio 2005

Written by B. Arnold

Sample Screen Shot

Welcome to the CSIG, a Special Interest Group of the ACGNJ. The subject for this month is a deluxe screen printing program derived from the program presented last month. It uses the latest C++ compiler in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005.

There are a number of ways to refer to this compiler and code.

Here's what Wikipedia says about CLI:

The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is an open specification developed by Microsoft that describes the executable code and runtime environment that form the core of the Microsoft .NET Framework. The specification defines an environment that allows multiple high-level languages to be used on different computer platforms without being rewritten for specific architectures.

This Print Screen Utility demonstrates generalized printing, printing logic and graphical routines for the screen with the new compiler. The program may also be compiled using the free C++ Express compiler.

New Bells and Whistles added to the original.

Version 1.10 for January 2007 Meeting.

  1. A menu bar has been added to replace the functionality of the buttons.
  2. If needed, the clipboard is automatically copied after 2 seconds.
  3. A "Rubber Band" algorithm now allows selecting (cropping) part of the image.
  4. The image may be copied back to the Clipboard for emailing, etc.
  5. Picture files may be "Dropped" on the GUI. (Graphical User Interface)
  6. A Help button (menu) has been added for user instructions.
  7. As earlier, the GUI image can then be printed with a variety of options.