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Brief Information about the April '06 CSIG Meeting

File Copy to Folder Utility - CoreFold.exe

VC++ 6 Compiler

B. Arnold

Core Folder Copy Program Core Folder Copy Program

Welcome to the CSIG, a Special Interest Group of the ACGNJ. The subject for this month is a discussion about MFC Windows Programming using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0.

At the meeting, we are going to discuss a file copy program. Here's the background: I like to keep my VC6 C++ completed executable files in a "Core" folder so that they are easy to find and run. This month's program is called "CoreFold" and the compiler will create it as "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Projects\Corefold\Release\corefold.exe". My "Core" folder is "H:\Core", and I usually use Windows Explorer to copy the file. Keeping 50-100 different projects up to date in this manner has become quite tedious and takes about a minute per project to copy the executable.

Therefore, here is the strategy. Build a list of potential source files and copy the newer files to the core folder. The manual operation which previously could take over an hour now takes less than a minute with this automated file scan and copy. To accomplish this, the program will require the following:

MFC Dialog Box
Recursive File Scan
Algorithm to Parse the Complex Path
File Date Checking
File Copy and Error Reporting

In addition to the above requirements, let's add some Bells and Whistles:

Fields for Source and Destination
Browse Dialog for Selecting Folders
Deluxe Browse with Starting Location
Registry Access for Saving Locations
Test Mode, Without Really Copying
Abort Capability
Listing of Files Copied
Auto Scroll Bar Scaling

The beginning of the evening (starting at 7:30pm) will be a RANDOM ACCESS discussion. The main presentation will present the program.

As always, the download site has code and programs from our meetings. ( Source Code Files )

Sample Code - VC6

Sample Code
// *********************************************************************************
//  Recusive file search routine.

int CCFDlg::GetRecursiveFileList(CString &sPath, CListBox *pLB)
    {                                                                           265
    CFileFind finder;
    CWaitCursor hourglass;
    CString strWildcard;
    strWildcard = sPath + "\\*.*";
    BOOL bWorking = finder.FindFile(strWildcard);

    while (bWorking)
        bWorking = finder.FindNextFile();                                       275
        if (finder.IsDots()) continue;

        CString str = finder.GetFilePath();
        if (finder.IsDirectory())
            {                                                                   280
            GetRecursiveFileList(str, pLB);     // *** RECURSIVE ****** RECURSIVE ***
            int len = str.GetLength();                                          285
            if (len > 3 && 0 == str.Mid(len-4).CompareNoCase(".exe"))
                if ( AncestorsOK(str) )
                    pLB->AddString(str);                                        290
                    int idx = pLB->GetCount();
                    if (!m_FastFlag) Sleep(10);
                }                                                               295
    return 0;
    }                                                                           300

// *********************************************************************************
//  Ancestor Algorithm  --  Second Ancestor must match base name.

BOOL CCFDlg::AncestorsOK(CString &sTest)    // enter with full path and filename
    CString sSub1, sSub2, sSub3, sBasename, sAncestor1, sAncestor2;
    int iPoint, iSlash1, iSlash2, iSlash3; 
                                            // c:\msdev\projects\corefold\release\corefold.exe
    iPoint  = sTest.ReverseFind('.');       // 43                               310
    sSub1   = sTest.Left(iPoint);           // c:\msdev\projects\corefold\release\corefold
    iSlash1 = sSub1.ReverseFind('\\');      // 34
    sSub2   = sSub1.Left(iSlash1);          // c:\msdev\projects\corefold\release
    iSlash2 = sSub2.ReverseFind('\\');      // 26
    sSub3   = sSub2.Left(iSlash2);          // c:\msdev\projects\corefold       315
    iSlash3 = sSub3.ReverseFind('\\');      // 17

    sBasename  = sSub1.Mid(iSlash1+1);      // corefold
    sAncestor1 = sSub2.Mid(iSlash2+1);      // release
    sAncestor2 = sSub3.Mid(iSlash3+1);      // corefold                         320

    if (0 != sAncestor1.CompareNoCase("Release")) return false;
    if (0 != sAncestor2.CompareNoCase(sBasename)) return false;
    return true;
    }                                                                           325

"Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night.


Source Code Files

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