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Brief Information about the September '02 CSIG Meeting

Calling your C language DLL functions from Visual Basic for Applications, i.e. Excel

The discussion for this year's opening meeting of the C++ User Group will be given by our Vice-Chairman, Ron Winter. Ron has extensive experience with merging programming code accross multiple languages. What could be a better example than to take the world's most popular spread sheet (Excel) and the two most popular languages (C++ and VBA).

There are two small programs for this month's C++ users group meeting. One in C, and on in VB.

Here's the situation. A friend wanted to know if there was any way to prevent Excel or Access applications from being duplicated? A piece of the answer is to create some code that cannot be viewed but can be easily invoked from Excel. VBA offers the ability to call foreign functions. The task then is to create a DLL in a way that is palatable to VB. MS VC++ offers such a way and we will demonstrate this at the meeting, and show some of the minor intricacies involved.

C Program called from Excel
"Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night.


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