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Brief Information About the February 2000 C/C++ Users Group Meeting

A Comparison of C++ and Java

presented by
Mike Redlich

This month's presentation will explore some of the language differences between C++ and Java by examining a small application that was written in both programming languages.

C++ and Java are similar in many ways.  This is, of course, due to the fact that Java was modeled after C++.  However, the designers of Java intentionally omitted C++ language features, such as pointers and overloaded operators, that were considered dangerous and complex.

Some of the language differences that will be highlighted with this application are:

The application is a command-line program that calculates the wind chill factor based on ambient air temperature and wind speed.  The National Weather Service uses the following formula to calculate the wind chill factor:

Wind chill formula


Variants of this calculation, such as:

Alternate wind chill formula

have been used as well.  More information regarding wind chill factor can be found at http://www.nws.noaa.gov.

Hope to see you on February 15...

"Random Access" questions start at 7:30 Tuesday night.


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